Meet Our Summer workers!

This is a bunch of young people aged 16-18 years who love dialogue and communication, are good at social media and have an interest in people, art, culture and urban development! For Sommarjobbarna, Wall Street Nacka means to participate in preparatory work with the opportunity to participate as a volunteer and ambassador during the festival itself and assist the artists. They will work to find "the soul of the place", i.e., panning out the character and identity of the places where artwork is to be created, and exploring what residents and other actors want for the type of art. It is needed as a basis for the muralist to carry out the works of art. We are thrilled to have these nine amazing summer workers with us!
The summer jobs at Wall Street Nacka would like to hear your opinion on what you want to see on the murals in your neighborhood. To do this, you can fill in the following form. We appreciate all the answers, thank you in advance!
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Alma Viberg, 18 years old
"I look forward to helping to create" urban Magic ", where art can help to give a good feeling and character in an area. Speak Swedish and English. "
Viktor Gunnarsson, 17 years old
"Interacting with people to make them try to think critically and creatively is exciting and enlightening. Being able to say that I have been involved in making a mural and walking past the one where I live, gives a proud feeling. Speaks German, French, Swedish and English. "
Maria Clara Talaba Fernandes, 16 years old
"I want to contribute to a common vision, a collective effort, which Nackabon appreciates. The international aspect of summer job suits me when I speak both Swedish, English and Portuguese fluently. "
Andrea OHL, 17 years old
"I love talking to people and meeting new people, and I want people to feel a warm feeling in their breasts after they've talked to me. I want to help Nacka give a good message where people should feel safe in a adorned environment. Speak Swedish and English. "
Efson Abrahak, 16 years old
"It's fun and exciting to see what people have to say and hear their ideas on how to improve things. I am also very sociable by me and like to listen, and not afraid to ask if there is something I do not understand. Speaks Swedish, English and Tigrinya. "
Ryman, 17 years old
"Wall Street Nacka is a very big thing and maybe even a thing that will happen more often in other parts of the world. I want to be in where it started. Speak Swedish and English. "
Ru Gustavsson, 17 years old
"I am very interested in art, and I look forward to developing my communication skills. I am very active on social media, and am happy to contribute to improving the municipality that I and many more live in. Speaks Swedish and English. "
Marko Gvero, 17 years old
"I am a social person who thrives among other people and always has a big smile on my face. It is important to communicate with people in a way that means that you reach out. Speaks Swedish, English, German and Serbian. "
Elis Olsson, 17 years old
"I think the concept of Wall Street is very interesting. I'm social and like to discuss, and think it's important that art is inspired from what the populace thinks and feels. Speak Swedish and English. "