BRF Edölandet in cooperation with Nacka Municipality welcomes Amara Por Dios to a painting to brighten the housing association's garage in Orminge.

Amara Por Dios
After four years in London, Amara Por Dios has now returned to her hometown of Stockholm. With vibrant colours and organic shapes, patterns and faces, she has a style that is difficult to get wrong on. Por Dios is inspired by ancient cultures and religious artifacts from around the world. With the spray can as a tool, her creations come to life through murals and paintings and she has created works around the world.



Nacka Energi and Nacka municipality together invite the artist Astrid Sylwan to create a colorful work of art at an electric house, centrally located in Finntorp.
Astrid Sylwan - Astrid Sylwan - A999
Astrid Sylwan was born in 1970 in Antwerp, Belgium, but lives and works in Stockholm. She graduated in free art from the art gallery in 2005 and has since established herself as one of Sweden's foremost artists. She works mainly with a colorful abstract and large-scale painting in which red, pink and orange colors are pitted against transparent membranes in green and sea blue. Sylwan has been awarded several prestigious scholarships, has exhibited all over the Nordic countries and is represented in many museums in the country, including moderna museet, the Swedish Art Council and malmö art museum.



The entrepreneur Serneke has invited the international artist BKFoxx to create a large mural at Järla Sporthall.

BKFoxx is an artist from New York who paints realistic murals with his spray can as the only aid. She starts her projects with an idea or a concept, creates a scene and shoot it and then paint the photo. Her focus on public art is a conscious choice, as she thinks art is important to everyone. Driven by honesty, authenticity and respect, she wants to help make the world a better place through her artistry.



Nacka Municipality featuring Elina Metso at Hellasgården (collaboration with Nacka Energi)

Elina Metso
Elina Metso is a mural painter and illustrator based in Malmö. She started painting walls in 2014 and has since painted in places around the country. Her paintings often reflect colors, shapes or stories from the direct surroundings of the painting. It is important for her that the painting should connect with and be site specific.



Nacka kommun presents: The internationally renowned artist Farid Rueda will paint a big mural at the ice rink in Nacka.

Farid Rueda
Farid Rueda is a Mexican street artist from the city of Morelos. He studied at the famous ENAP Art school, Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas, but decided to drop out and invest wholeheartedly in his own artistry. Rueda is best known for his mural paintings and major works where he uses different types of techniques to achieve his artistic visions. He often uses Mexican cultural heritage but without it developing into clichés.  Rueda is not only a street artist but also creates oil paintings, uses water paints and engraving. Rueda is known for constantly developing and changing his mode of expression and tells himself that he is unhappily spending more than five days with a work when he easily gets tired and wants to move on to the next idea.



The property owner Atrium Ljungberg has invited the artists Holem & Idamaria to create art in Sickla Köpkvarter.

Holem began his artistry in the early 90s and was initially based on a letter motif, but then started to paint characters around the letters that created a form of his own universe. He has since organized several international events to promote street art as an art form. Today he lives in Stockholm where he has founded the platform Sprayit. He also works as a graphic designer, illustrator and project manager.
Idamaria Holmqvist
Idamaria spends most of her waking time creating. She works with everything from painting, ceramics to sculpting and letting the creative situation she finds herself in determine what she creates. She strives for creativity without boundaries in her artistry and is passionate about creating in all its forms.



Wallenstam featuring JARUS at ältatunneln.

Jarus is an internationally renowned mural artist from Canada. He has worked in both Canada and internationally for the past eight years to produce large-scale portraits and paintings on different types of walls. For a while, Jarus studied at the Academy of Realist art in Toronto, but he himself believes that his main influences are his grandmother and street art culture. With his art, Jarus wants to communicate a story about the individual soul and the transformation of a society. With a combination of acrylic, latex and aerosol paint, he creates representations of the people he meets and is inspired by on his travels around the world.



ALM/Småa featuring Julia Rio at Tandläkarlängan

Julia Rio
Julia Rio is a mural and street artist from Värmland who discovered her passion for craftsmanship, colour and shape at the age of 10. After putting up his first crocheted street art in London in 2013, a new port was opened. The textile was quickly translated into geometric and colourful murals. Her abstract compositions are a collection of patterns and symbols from travel, meetings and places and invite you to a parallel universe for daydreamers, an escape from everyday life that can sometimes be struggling. In 2018 Julia graduated from Konstfack and now spreads her art around the world. Julia sees the streets as our common living room, a place where we all feel safe and inspired.



Nacka water and Waste has invited the artist Kashink to brighten one of the pump houses in Sickla.

Kashink has been active for 12 years and resides in Paris. With her art, she questions aesthetic codes, the definition of identity, confronts social norms and celebrates diversity at large. As a social experiment, she paints a moustache on herself every day to create conversations with the surroundings about beauty, gender identity, norms and freedom. Kashink herself describes her artistry as constant and that it extends from enormous mural paintings to smaller facial paintings.



Nacka municipality featuring MAYA HAYUK at Henriksdalsmuren.

Maya Hayuk
Maya Hayuk is a New York based street artist with an impressive track record. Among other things, she has appeared in museums in New York, Los Angeles, Rio De Janeiro and Toronto. Her works consist of symmetrical compositions, intricate patterns and lush colours. In her works, she refers to popular culture, abstraction and advanced techniques. Maya Hayuk is part of the collective Barnstormers and has self-curated several exhibitions.



Boo Parish has invited Natalia Rak to brighten their congregation in Orminge.

Natalia Rak
Natalia Rak's artistry was developed on the Polish artist scene in 2011. Rak has an art degree with a focus on graphic art from the Academy of Fine Arts of Łódź. A few years ago she started with murals and street art and created larger works covering entire buildings. Her work has been reviewed throughout Europe and she has been involved in some of the world's most prestigious street art festivals. Rak's style is vibrant and detailed and portrays dreamlike and mysterious scenes. Her work "Legend of gigants" was named one of the top five most interesting murals in 2013 along with Banksy and JR.



Ikano Bostad welcomes Nelson Cekis to make a mural at their parking garage in Danvikstull.

Nelson Cekis
Nelson Cekis is a Chilean street artist. His career as a visual artist began in the streets of the home town of Santiago. He started
Paint Murals 1992, when he was still in school. His inspiration came from the Streetart culture of New York and from the Chilean political mural movement during the 70 and 80 's. During the end of the 90 century, Cekis art had become a leader in the new
And the generation of street artists in South America. Cekis, also known as Nelson Rivas, has participated in several public
Mural festivals, both in their native Chile but also in the United States and several other countries. Cekis has also been mentioned as one of the
The 50 most influential street artists of the American street art actor Complex Media.



Nacka Municipality featuring OKUDA at Stadshuset Nacka

Artist Okuda San Miguel was born in Santander, Spain, and lives and works in Madrid. He holds an art degree from Madrid's Complutense University. Okuda's unique and iconic artist language is filled with colourful geometric structures and patterns and can be seen on streets and buildings all over the world. Okuda is a highly sought after artist both in Spain and internationally. Okuda is perhaps best known for its transformation of an abandoned Spanish church called Kaos Temple, which has become an iconic work and an example of contemporary art.



Nacka kommun invites Peter Birk to paint and decorate a wall on Kvarnholmen.

Peter Birk
Peter Birk was born in Denmark and as an eleven year old he discovered the street art that he has been active in since then. Street art culture has influenced his entire artistry and much of what he does, he does to give back to the arts. 2009 Birk founded his own street art gallery and an associated shop. His works often cover large walls and consist of lots of colors, preferably with nature or ships as motifs.



Nacka Municipality featuring Shai Dahan at Saltismuren(Tippen)

Shai Dahan
Shai Dahan is an American artist who recently moved from New York to Sweden. Living in Borås, he has continued his work with paintings, drawings, muralworks, illustrations and sculptures. Shai Dahan started out as a street artist at the age of 14 when he lived in Los Angeles, California, and since then he has always strived to find new ways to create public art. He has participated in several major street art projects in the USA and Europe and in Sweden he founded and curated the No Limit Street-Art festival. Shai Dahan has also had her own exhibitions in Gothenburg, Stockholm and at moderna museet in Borås. He has also worked with Princess Sofia at Project Playground in South Africa..



SSM featuring STFI at Elverket

STFI is a self-taught mural artist with the goal of defending multiculturalism. She has a developed style with references to Chilean political mural. She uses simple figures, thick ironings and color fillings and in her works she represents Latin America through symbols such as women's figures and nature. STFI Started his career abroad and has been active in several countries in Latin America. This has made her artistry limitless as it is shaped by many different countries and cultures.


ELHUS 1 & 2

Nacka Energi featuring Wild Drawings at Elhus 1 & Elhus 2 (Nacka C)

WD, short for Wild Drawing, was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia and is now based in Athens, Greece. He has an art degree and has been active since 2000. Since then he has participated in street art festivals in Asia, Europe and the United States. WD's style is influenced by his Southeast Asian origins and is easily recognizable. With a roller brush, he creates murals and is inspired much by the place he has chosen to paint. His works are influenced and inspired by comics and graphic short stories. WD loves street art as it makes art accessible to everyone and becomes a symbol of freedom of expression.



Storstaden + Svea Fastigheter + NCC featuring Video coffee at Elverket

Video Coffee is an international artist collective that explores the intersection of craftsmanship and modern technology through public sculpture, exhibitions, art residencies and links to artist studios all over the world. Between exhibitions, members of VideoKaffe meet regularly online by connecting their studios to each other using webcams and video projectors. Through this process, members work together as if they were in the same place. Video coffee tries to build bridges between cultures and collaborate through the universal art language.