The whole world to Nacka in September 2019

Wall Street Nacka 2019 is an international mural festival that invites artists and creators from all over the world to participate in the transformation of public space and create a gigantic outdoor gallery.

Motto and Soul

To make it easier to understand the context and the point of the festival, we have produced a few words as beacons, so that the murals is based on a common unified concept. Wall Street Nacka stands for something optimistic, encouraging, heart-based and magnificent. Hopeful stories humbly told with awareness, courage, sincerity and mastery. Each work of art should also take into account the place's soul, characteristics and qualities.

What areas in Nacka does it apply to?

The festival includes the whole of Nacka. The whole world comes to all of Nacka! We will see new works of art emerging both within the area that will become Nacka town (western Sicklaön), in the different local centres of Nacka, and also at other more local places in the rest of Nacka.

What is the purpose of the festival?

  • Bring out public works of art throughout Nacka of the highest quality in places where it is needed and contribute to improved outdoor environments.
  • Increase the security, comfort and safety of the public environment.
  • Strengthen Nacka as a cultural city. Contribute to the development of the whole of Nacka and strengthen the work of the Good society where people thrive and feel good.
  • Increase the attractiveness of Nacka as a good place to stay and visit by increasing the number of good-looking environments.
  • Increase the neck's attractiveness as a good place to invest and run businesses in.
  • Clarify and illustrate the soul and identity in different places.

How many murals will there be in total?

In 2019 we will receive about 20 works of art distributed throughout Nacka. In the long-term planning there are thoughts about implementing the next festival in 2021, and then every two years until the year 2030. Decisions on further festival are made after analysis and evaluation of the inaugural festival this year. Until the year 2030, when the new Nacka city will be ready, we will hopefully have received a lot of new artwork through Wall Street Nacka.

How to find and select Muralmålarna?

Through our wide network of players all over the world we are panning the right artist for each wall. The choice takes place in dialogue between the property owner and the municipality. The ambition of Wall Street Nacka is to involve Nacka residents in the selection of places and artists. This year's festival will be held soon, and most of the time is already clear. Now we are mainly looking for artists for the next festival to 2021. Many talented artists are booked several years in advance, so if there is someone special you would like to see in place in the future, it is now time to get in touch with your wishes and tips!

To this year's festival we will still be happy to receive suggestions for what we call the "Minimuraler" that we create in places around the municipality. Read more about this on the website here (link). Please tell if both places and artist you would like to see make a minimural.

How are places chosen for the artwork?

Places for the works of art financed by external partners are selected by the current property owner in dialogue with the municipality. Paintings that change façade expressions need building permits, while for example tunnels and walls of concrete usually do not need building permits. Building permits are therefore a criterion. It is also important that there are no planned maintenance work in the foreseeable future, because then the artwork needs to be removed. It does matter many people who move there, and how dark, ugly and insecure the place. It is a case of investing in places that really need improvement. If there is already a power supply nearby for lighting, it is good, as if we do not need shut down or divert as much time, bike or car traffic. It can be difficult and expensive.

How do you control the quality of the murals?

All additional murals must be of high quality in implementation and expression, and champions from the world guarantee quality. Quality also comes through dialogue with those who are to stay and be close to the work, i.e. residents, visitors, construction operators and other actors operating in the current area. The summer workers, for example, has the task of panning out "the site's soul" in dialogue with local residencies, as a basis for the paintings. A clear and anchored purpose is quality.

Why is the festival called Wall Street Nacka?

To challenge our ingrained perspective, we want to invite the whole world's most interesting muralist to Nacka, and then it is natural to use English as a language. The festival is about street art – about creating artistic narratives on a "wall" or a "street". The connection to the Wall Street stock market in New York is about living in a changing world, where old and outdated values and priorities are about to die out. Many have, for example, tired of the game that is "the biggest pile of money wins". More and more see and prioritize new values of deeper meaning and purpose. Wall Street Nacka does not put commercial profit in the center, but here it is the
Qualitative artistic stories that are the precious gold. Wall Street Nacka-When art is the gold, is our motto. We highlight ' purpose ' before ' profit '. We do this in order for people who live, work and visit Nacka to thrive, develop and feel good. This approach applies within the framework of Wall Street Nacka both the municipality and the private construction operators and property owners.

Why is it only murals?

Wall Street Nacka 2019 is a mural festival. This is the first time we do this, and this year it's full focus on murals. We know from experience that demarcation and focus creates quality, simplicity and clarity. Wall Street Nacka is intended as a recurring festival and we hope to broaden the festival and include more art forms in the future. Many have, for example, requested sculpture and music.

Why is the business community taking part and arranging the festival?

The festival is the first major mural festivalen in the Stockholm area and is a collaboration between Nacka municipality, Nacka residents, property owners, construction operators and other stakeholders who together develop Nacka. The festival is part of the Partnerskap Konsten att skapa stad which is the platform for interaction around art and culture with the business community that we have in Nacka today. More than Nacka has understood the importance of cooperating with the local industry for sustainability and anchoring. An example from Gothenburg is the Kultur & Näringsliv and in the Stockholm region just Started the Kreativ Arena with a similar focus.

Learn more about partnerskap Konsten att skapa stad
Read more about Kultur & Näringsliv
Read more about Kreativ Arena here:

Is it the politics that determines the content of art?

Wall Street Nacka is mural festival created for and together with citizens, artists and creators to give life to otherwise boring, identityless or forgotten places. Artistic freedom is of course important, and no politician neither wants nor will interfere in the work of the individual artist. Every artist, however, gets a background that rings in "the soul of the place" and is mirrored in the artwork in some way. The work of finding and formulating the "soul of the Site" takes place in different ways. One example is our fantastic summer workers, which in this film describes well what it is all about. (Click the group image in the link to start the movie).
Another example is the report "Identity and program for streets and locations" developed in interaction with the Gehl architecture firm. Read more
The purpose of working with the site's soul in this way is to create a deepening and clarification of the place's identity that is genuine, unique and genuine. We believe in making the most of the values and qualities that exist in one place. It creates sustainable beauty, hope, credibility and sincerity.