Optimistic. Encouraging. Heart-Based. Magnificent.
Wall Street Nacka was an international mural festival that invited artists and creators from all over the world to participate in the transformation of the public space and create a giant outdoor gallery. The festival was held 1-15 September 2019 in Nacka municipality, which received 17 new murals, 2 interactive sculptures and a renovated cultural sign in neon.

Wall Street Nacka stands for something hopeful, brave, heartfelt and masterful.

Hopeful stories for a new era - responsive and humblenar with awareness, courage, innerliness and masterhood. A colorful gilding of our common society.
"Together we find and strengthen the soul of the place and create a more beautiful Nacka that both touches us in depth, and lifts us towards new heights."
Fredrika Friberg, City Creator Nacka Municipality


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